“Evergreen Construction and its entire team are fantastic! In August 2020 we had a golf-size hail storm causing damage to our roof and siding. We knew we were in great hands from the beginning. Antti was there the next morning checking on us. He inspected the roof to confirm the damage and noticed also that the hail had damaged the siding. He was there with us all the way from the first moments, helping through the insurance claim process, selection of materials, repairs, and final touch-ups to make sure no detail was overlooked. Joe, the owner of Evergreen, was also available all the time and checked with us frequently during the whole process making sure everything was going smoothly. He encouraged us to be “picky” and to point out any little detail we were not happy with. Their roof and siding crews were professional and did a great job. This was a big project for us: of course, the entire roof had to be replaced but the siding was also a challenge. The original siding color was no longer available, which gave us an opportunity to rethink how we wanted the house to look. It turned out fantastic. We strongly recommend Evergreen Construction to anybody considering doing a roof or siding repair.”


Evergreen completed a full-house exterior renovation in Victoria, Minnesota in the fall of 2020. The city of Victoria, Minnesota was hit by hail up to the size of a golf ball on August 8th, 2020. From our inspection, we found out that the exterior of the house had hail damages. We helped the homeowner in filing the claim with their insurance company and got them approved for the damage. This project included the full roofing, siding, soffit/fascia, and gutter replacement.
There were a few challenges that Evergreen had to tackle. The overall project required extra detailing and careful application. The homeowner’s driveway was a concrete driveway that was only a year old. So, we had to take extra caution during the tear-off and installation process. We placed plywood in the driveway for protection during the renovation.

The property also had a lot of landscaping. We had to take preventative measures for landscaping protection making sure we did not damage the landscaping. The other challenge about this project was the height of the house. The house was three-story and getting the materials on top of the roof was not easy.


Why did the Homeowner hire us?

The homeowner chose us out of all the other options, because of our team’s wide skills and service. We made the homeowner’s experience smooth and explained to them the entire restoration process. We stayed connected with the homeowner through the entire restoration process and helped them make useful judgments for their house.


Evergreen’s Objective:

Our main objective for this project was to meet the homeowner’s expectations and deliver the best workmanship. We made sure that the measurement of each trim was accurate. The window had customized Lp trim following the arch. We used the best of our craftsmanship skills and delivered exactly what the homeowner was looking for.


Evergreen restored the property because of the visible hail damages on the exterior of the house. We used CertainTeed Driftwood shingles for their 45 square roof replacement. The manufacturers discontinued the vinyl siding that the homeowners previously had. This gave the homeowners an opportunity to upgrade from their regular vinyl siding to LP smart side siding.  They upgraded their vinyl siding to LP Smartside – color Mist which lasts longer and provides superior protection from hail, wind, etc damage. We also replaced the gutters and installed Gutter Rx to keep the debris out.

We faced a few challenges during the course of this project. It was a three-story house and the ground level was not flat. We took extra preventative measures to ensure the safety of our crews. Installing the LP trim over the window was challenging due to the height of the house. So we rented out an aerial device (bucket lift) to put the LP trim over the window. During the installation process, we also ran out of fascia boards so we had to get some more customized boards immediately.

Victoria, Minnesota

Before: Vinyl Siding

Victoria, Minnesota

After: Lp Smartside Siding

Even though Evergreen faced challenges finishing the project, we successfully completed the full project satisfying the homeowner. They loved their new roof and siding. If you want a great home renovation experience in Victoria, Minnesota then call us today to schedule an inspection! No matter what problem you have with your home, we got the solutions!