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Your gutters work better when they are free of debris. Over time, natural materials tend to accumulate in your gutter, which may cause a blockage. Leaves and pine needles can mix with asphalt roofing remnants to create a heavy sludge in the gutter.

This creates the potential for severe water damage or structural damage to a home.

It can be a dangerous job to clean your own gutters. You should never attempt to clean your gutters by reaching down from your roof. A tall ladder is the most effective tool to use for removing accumulated debris. That is why a licensed and bonded Woodbury gutter cleaning professional is the best option for this home maintenance need.


The primary symptom of a clogged gutter is water overflow at some point in your home’s gutter system. A blockage will cause rainwater to pool in the gutter, eventually overflowing at the edge somewhere.

You can spot the signs and symptoms of an unhealthy gutter in other ways as well.

  • There are animals nesting within the gutter.
  • Weeds are growing up from the gutter in the summer.
  • The gutter begins to sag or pull away from the home.
  • The shakes or shingles near the gutter show signs of water damage.
  • There are pine needles or leaves accumulating near the top of the gutter system.

If it has been more than 12 months since your gutters were last cleaned, then there is a good chance that there is a blockage in the system somewhere which requires attention. Depending upon your home’s location, consider having them cleaned once per quarter for best results.

A healthy gutter system contributes to a healthy home. Make sure to have your gutters professionally cleaned at least once this year.

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