Are you in need of a Minneapolis / St. Paul hail damage contractor? At Evergreen Construction Company Inc., we understand that emergency roof, gutter and home repair due to hail damage is critical in order to avoid further losses. If your roof or home has hail damage, call our Minnesota roofing pros. We are ready to assist you.


When your area faces a hailstorm, all you can do is sit and wait for it to pass to determine just how much damage your roof has encountered. After the storm has passed, there are some clear indicators to confirm that your roof has hail damage that needs to be addressed. Read on for information on what to look for and what it means for your roof.

Each individual shingle on an asphalt roof is made using several materials. When they crumble they become granules. When hail strikes your shingles, they begin to disintegrate and turn into granules. A popular spot for granules to end up are in your gutters. After a hail storm, you should always check your gutters to see if there are any granules present. When your shingles fall off, there is a greater risk of your roof being exposed to the elements.

When your shingles fall off, there is a risk of your roof being exposed to the elements. If there is spot on your roof that is particularly vulnerable to leaks, you will almost certainly see further water damage in your home. All of this can be perpetuated by a hail storm that either breaks your shingles or knocks them out of place. If you see any broken shingles, it’s best to call a professional and have it taken care of.

If there are other areas of your home that have been damaged, a professional hail damage contractor should check your roof for precautionary reasons.

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