Evergreen Construction Company, Inc now offers handyman services! We can perform a range of maintenance duties for homeowners or businesses without any hassle.

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Attics are easy to overlook but it is a crucial part of housing since it determines the indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and integrity of the roof.


You can make your basement look however you wish. Either use it for storage purposes or a little hideout place, we got you covered.


Make your office space look efficient and comfortable. We can make your office space look just the way you have imagined!


A bathroom is a space that is used the most in a house. You need to make sure that the bathroom is functioning well all the time.

Deck and Patio

The deck is one of the most exposed and commonly used spaces in the house. Which means that it needs to be taken good care of as well.


The kitchen is the soul of the house. If you are waiting on remodeling or bringing your dream project to life, we can help you out!


Interested in changing the style of your bedroom or upgrading it? We can do it all! Remember us for any renovation projects.


The garage is more than just parking your cars. It can be a lot more if you want it to be. You wish, we grant it.

Living and Dining Room

Living and dining room is the place where most of the memories are made. So why not make it look just as you had imagined? Just dial our number and let’s get started.