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Common Roof Problems

Shrinkage. Roofing materials tend to shrink over the years. When this issue occurs, it can pull apart your flashing, lead to cracking, or cause leaks to form.

Leaks. This issue is the most common problem homeowners face. Several vulnerable areas may require more inspections and maintenance to prevent damage, such as around your chimney, at flashing points and around skylights. Around vents and pipes can also be a place where this problem develops. Even walking on your roof can cause holes or punctures to form. If you’re unsure of what to watch for or how to repair an issue that develops, contact a local, trusted contractor to inspect your home.

Blistering. Heat damage can cause some roofing materials to blister. This problem happens more often on built-up roofs with several layers, especially if it is a flat surface. You might see cracking form before the blisters develop.

Ice Damage. If you live in a four-seasons area, snow and ice can cause significant problems for a roof. The ice eventually melts into water that can seep under your shingles. When it refreezes there, it can lift the protective materials to create significant gaps for precipitation entry.

Clogged Gutters. Defective drainage can cause water to back up onto your roof. It also seeps into your eaves, which can cause rot to develop. The best way to prevent this issue is to clean your gutters at least quarterly, while installing a screen may be useful if debris collection is frequent.

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