What are the different types of roofs?

The roof is the covering of the top of a building which serves to protect against sunlight, snow, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures making it one of the essential parts of a house. A roof might seem like a simple structure but there is a lot that goes under the roof of a house. Since roofs are the most exposed part of the house, things like structure, style, and material of the roof must be considered. All the different types of roofs have different purposes to serve.

Weather is one of the most important factors when it comes to selecting the structure of a roof.  There are varieties of roof types and they all differ from place to place serving their purpose. In a place like Minnesota, which experiences extreme weather conditions, homeowners need to be selective of their roofs.

Let us get to know about some common types of roofs and their purpose. Some of the most common types of roofs are:

Gable roof:

The roof which forms the triangle shape is known as a gable or pitched roof. This type of roof is one of the most common roofs in the US. They shed snow easily and are strong and sturdy. Because of their simple structure, they have fewer complications like leaks which can cause major damage to the roof.

Flat roof:

Flat roofs are the simplest form of the roof because they have very little to no pitch at all. Because of no pitch at all, the roof accumulates all the snow and water which may not be idle for places that get heavy snowfall. A flat roof can add unnecessary weight on the roof as there is no inclination. They are mostly used for commercial buildings.

Hip roof:

Unlike gable roofs, a hip roof has sloped ends instead of vertical ends. It has a more complicated structure in comparison to a flat and gable roof. The hip roof is sturdy and durable which makes it good for both the high wind and heavy snowfall area.

Gambrel roof:

A gambrel roof is the type of roof with two slopes on each side where the upper slope is less steep than the lower slope. It is commonly seen on barn or shed roofs.  Though the gambrel roof can be good for rainfall, it is not idle for snowfall because it accumulates snow on the lower part of the roof adding unnecessary weight to the structure.

Mansard roof:

Mansard roof is a hipped gambrel roof that has two slopes on every side. The lower slope is considerably steeper than the upper slope. The upper slope of a mansard roof is flat which makes it unsuitable for areas that get heavy rainfall or snowfall.

These are the most common types of roofs. Different structures of the roof have different purposes and the purposes mostly depend on the external factors wind, snow, rain, etc. Any kind of roof structure you choose, Evergreen Construction Company, Inc got you covered. Contact us today to discuss your roofing project!

What are the different types of roofs?

Some of the most common types of roofs that we are discussing in this article are Gable roof, Flat roof, Hip roof, Gambrel roof, and Mansard roof.

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