Most modern roofing shakes and shingles feature a Class-A fire rating today. To achieve this rating, a supportive underlayment must be placed underneath the shakes or shingles. This adds another step to the roofing process, unnecessarily increasing its complexity and cost.

CeDUR roofing shakes allow for the same fire rating to be achieved without the underlayment requirement. This is possible because there is a proprietary fire retardant infused into each CeDUR shake during the manufacturing process.

This design allows the shakes to contain flames instead of allowing them to spread.

CeDUR roofing shakes are fully certified through the International Code Council (ICC) for their fire resistance without an underlayment.

Polyurethane Makes a Big Difference

Polyethylene makes a great roofing product. Many manufacturers choose it for their synthetic roofing products because of how effective it is for its low manufacturing cost.

CeDUR roofing shakes are manufactured with polyurethane instead. This allows the roofing materials to be durable and lightweight, while the fire-resistant features can be manufactured directly into the final product.

When tested in a certified burn center, CeDUR roofing shakes reached temperatures of 1,400°F without igniting.

Should a fire be present, with flames that have spread to the roof, embers can be taken up by the wind. This spreads the fire from one building to potentially several. Because of the fire resistance manufactured into CeDUR roofing shakes, these embers can self-extinguish on the roof without any other intervention.

Just lay down 30# felt underneath CeDUR shakes to achieve the Class-A fire rating for your roof. In doing so, you’ll be taking advantage of the patented and proprietary technologies of CeDUR.

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